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Why Master Data Management/ Governance?  

Master data purity plays a very important role in any Organisation's success and growth. Bad Quality master data can even lead to Organisation collapse. Generally, master data can be divided in below categories:

    • People: Customer, Vendor, Business Partner, Person
    • Places: Addresses  
    • Things: Materials, GL Accounts and Assets 

Majority of SAP Customers slowly gets into Master Data issues. Below are basic Master data challenges every organisation is facing:

    • Fragmented 
    • Inconsistent 
    • Duplicate 
    • Incomplete 

AIRDIT has understood the dire need of organisations and has come up with a cost effective solution. We have named the product as MET-A-DATA.

MET-A-DATA: MDM Custom Addon for SAP Customers 

Product Offerings:
  • Additional Validations compared to SAP ERP

  • Standardization of master data 

  • Business rules to ensure data purity

  • Capability to identify duplicates 

  • Collaborative workflows and notifications

  • Maintain Master Data accuracy and consistency .

  • Reports for existing Master Data cleansing 

    ‚ÄčMET-A-DATA: AIRDIT Vision towards a robust MDM product 

    Other Features/Product Roadmap:
    • Critical Data change Alerts

    • Coverage of Material, Vendor, Business Partner and Customer 

    • E-mail and Mobile Push Notifications can be integrated

    • Substitution and delegation available

    • Timelines can assigned at each level of Approval

    • Master data Quality Dashboard can be built 

    • Coverage of more master data is in planned roadmap.

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