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Estimation Tool

Estimation is critical for organizations offering services and competing with other organizations at state-level, national or on a global scale. This is the first stage of risk faced by an organization before entering in market for business.

Estimation is different for different industries. For manufacturing is based on material, process, equipment and overheads. This is considered as standard cost throughout the year. Percentage of utilization varies among three components. In construction and services, area estimation in project base; one more component known as subcontractor is added. Estimation is based on location, overheads, contingency, risk factor and percentage of profitability. Standard costs fundamentally do not exist.

In SAP we do not have facility to work during initial stage when master data does not exist. To derive accurate EPC / Project cost lots of work needs to be done. AIRDIT estimation tools bring easy to use and allow user favorite features of excel and integration strength of SAP.

AIRDIT Software Services offers highly specialized and tailor made IT solution on known SAP platform for every classified business to meet all challenges and keeping realistic product / Project cost helps business realization.

Estimation Tool Features

• Reduces Risk  

• Reduces time to estimate  

• Provide flexibility  

• Allow own data for material and services

• Allow versions of cost to manage

• Moving average or last POs are supported

• Special features of differential loading for construction

• Support all foreign currencies