Document Management System

Document Management System

Document Management System

Document Management system which is known as DMS is a cross application component in SAP. DMS is available in same instance and well-integrated with master data and transactional data. It meets all required compliances and governance of required country specific requirement.

DMS is very important part of every business process related to customer and vendor as well as internal communication. It supports multi-layer authorisation with inbuilt workflow. DMS support document lifecycle with revision and version control.  

DMS integrate complete organisation from Legal, Sales, Design, Purchase, Manufacturing, Finance, Plant maintenance….

DMS features

• Support many document types 

• Customer specific number range 

• Revision and version

 • Multi language description 

• Any number of originals in one DIR

 • Support content version 

• DMS is available with Viewer

 • Layer facility for individual comments 

• Status log for Audit 

• Easy search with every field value

 • Inbuilt with classification system

Many company is not aware, DMS is part of SAP license and no need to buy separate licenses.

All originals are stored in content server which does not load SAP R/3 server.

AIRDIT Software Services offers highly specialized and tailor made DMS implementation on known ERP platform for every classified business to meet all challenges and keeping realistic support on time with optimized cost and as per customer budget and requirement. We are committed to keep your business running on SAP.