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Bidding / Land Acquisition

Construction Industry

The Construction industry is an important indicator of the development as it creates investment opportunities across various related sectors. The industry is fragmented, with a handful of major companies involved in the construction activities across all segments; medium sized companies specializing in niche activities; and small and medium contractors who work on the subcontractor basis and carry out the work in the field. There are about 500 construction equipment manufacturing companies in all of India. The construction industry is labor-intensive.  

Industry classification

Industry classified as project centric business with Risk management and highly activities oriented business. It calls for a highly collaborative activities inside organisation, Customer and government agencies to meet time line and deliverables. They are mainly classified as  1. EPC – Engineering procurement & construction 2. Infrastructure 3. Real Estate 4. Specialized equipment 5. Ship Building Since Technology, Process Improvement and overseas competition calls for organized working environment for Indian industry to meet competition.

AIRDIT Software Services offers highly specialized and tailored made IT solution on SAP platform for every classified business to meet all challenges and keeping project on time, cost and resource effective.